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Website Design and Creation



First, we meet, discuss, and create a plan. We identify the goals of your website, and what actions you want visitors to take once they arrive. All aspects of your website are covered including things like whether you should have a blog, what you’ll be selling, and who you want to reach you Online.


ICTechnology takes the time to see what your Online competition is doing, and who they are targeting, to ensure that your business stands out above the rest. Your website is not just for you, so we take time to understand who your target audience is, and what they want. We dive in, and learn as much about the people you want coming to your website as possible.


Making use of the audience and competitor research our team of experts write pointed copy for your website, design strategic layouts, and ensure that your site architecture works exactly as it should. We are fans of easy-to-navigate websites that allow users to flow through unencumbered to reach their destination.


Once ICTechnology finishes your website we review it together and tweak it, as necessary, to ensure that it is exactly as it should be. We go through the analysis and UX consultant outlines to make sure that your target audience will react appropriately to the design, build, and launch.

How much does a website cost? Honestly, that depends on the complexity of the job.  The more pages, information, and things (e-commerce) that your website does the more costly it becomes to build. 

For simple comparison, a standard content website with front, contact, about, and services pages would start at $1500.  This cost would not include logo, or graphic creation, or content creation/addition beyond 300 words per page.

To make this whole process a lot simpler please contact us for a free, no obligation, quote.

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