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Technology Where You Are

ictechnology is a qualified cdap (canada digital adoption program) digital advisor

ICTechnology is a Registered & Qualified CDAP Digital Advisor. Being fully versed in the advisory process of the grant process, and its integration with the interest-free BDC business loans, means ICTechnology is your partner in technology. Whether your company requires a type specific documentation, or a broader overview ICTechnology is the correct choice in Digital Advisors.  Let us put our decades of experience to work for you! Contact us today.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Offering enterprise-level technology to all size businesses is our calling card. Everyone deserves the best.

ICTechnology provides exceptional remote computer monitoring & management, support, and cybersecurity with our Ninja Splash, and Ninja Splash Plus monthly software plans. Our experienced associates can assist in training, task solving, updates, and behind-the-scenes information technology work as required. Best of all it, all happens seamlessly. And with our Plus Plan businesses can add virus and malware protection that meets today’s insurance requirements for cyber threats.

ninja splash remote monitoring and management computer support by ictechnology



Seniors are fast becoming the target of choice for unscrupulous technology scams, and that’s not okay. To tackle this issue head-on ICTechnology offers its best-in-class remote support systems directly to seniors at a discounted monthly price. We’ve repackaged some of our business systems specifically for seniors as our Secure Seniors Online (Remote Computer Monitoring), and Secure Seniors Plus (Remote Computer Monitoring + Virus and Malware Support). With direct email support, and limited telephone support seniors now have a trusted place to turn for their computer questions, and assistance requests.

Computer and Network Administration

ICTechnology assists local businesses with on-site Computer/Server and Network Administration. Where distance prohibits in-person visits remote monitoring & management software allows ICTechnology to effectively support client systems across the country and internationally.

ICTechnology is an Canadian Business Awards Winner



Website Creation & Search Engine Optimization

Our Website Designs consistently assist thousands of clients, around the globe, meet or exceed their online goals. Blending new, or reworked websites with professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing, and Maintenance services catapults clients ahead.  Our monthly plans, with full feedback services, ensure ICTechnology always provides exactly what clients need to succeed. And our partnership with OurOnline.Company allows fully secure website hosting services in an award-winning, and professional environment.

ICTechnology provides professional business computer support, network administration, remote computer management and monitoring, website design, website creation, cybersecurity, and secure seniors onlineFor Administration and Networking clients computer consultation, procurement, installation, administration and maintenance are the core concepts of the company. Nothing is more important in today’s technology age than a well planned, cost effective solution for a company’s business technology. We are experienced in all manner of design and implementation of single and multi-user networks in single site and distributed site applications.

ICTechnology also creates custom applications and software for clients. Specializing in web applications and software add-ins we identify client needs and listen to client wants to create tailored applications and management keys. For instance, our Victim Services Incident Reporting Database (VSIRD) is fast, mobile and ultra reliable, having been tested and used for several years.

Our team of dedicated experts ensure that client support is always professional, timely, and friendly.