Secure Seniors Online

secure seniors online provides remote computer support, monitoring and management for senior citizens

As seniors flock to the online and connected world of computers, social media, and email they are fast becoming the target of choice for scammers, spammers, and phishers. Unscrupulous people are just waiting to take advantage of people that don’t deserve to be exploited. 

ICTechnology is battling back by offering direct to seniors its software systems that are usually reserved for protecting large organizations and government agencies. We’ve updated, repackaged, and made easy-to-use our enterprise-level remote management and monitoring systems that continually monitor computers for errors, update them as necessary, and allow an ICTechnology Expert to connect remotely with a senior for questions and to resolve issues that may arise.

With a twelve (12) month contract seniors receive:

Remote Monitoring

ICTechnology Experts remotely monitor your Windows computer, or Mac for necessary updates, system issues that may arise, programs that crash, and changes.

Remote Management

When an issue arises ICTechnology will be in contact with you to let you know the best course of action in order to ensure your computer is working its best. And in the event that we cannot fix the system over the phone an ICTechnology Expert will remotely control your computer, with your permission, to get it fixed.

Computer Support

Your twelve month contract comes with one (1) hour of expert support. This included support may be used for Remote Management fixes, questions by email or phone (during normal business hours), system support and setup issues, and more.


Standard Computer Support
$ 15 Monthly per Device
(12 Month Contract)
  • Remote Computer Monitoring
  • Remote Computer Management
  • Computer Support via Email/Phone
  • 1 Hour of IT Support*


Computer Support PLUS Cybersecurity
$ 19 Monthly per Device
(12 Month Contract)
  • Remote Computer Monitoring
  • Remote Computer Management
  • 1 Hour of IT Support*
  • Monitored Anti-Virus Software
  • Monitored Anti-Malware Software
  • Computer Support via Email/Phone

ICTechnology triages all Secure Seniors support requests, and responds in order of magnitude. 

Support by telephone is available during office hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

Support by email, or contact form is available 24/7 with responses triaged by severity.

Additional remote support hours available, upon request, at the 40% Discount Senior’s rate of $75/hr.

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